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You Can Snitch on Tax Cheats for Cash —and Someone Snitched on Joe Biden.

A Former GOP Staffer Tried to Get the IRS to Dig Into Biden’s Income Streams.

Photo for: You Can Snitch on Tax Cheats for Cash —and Someone Snitched on Joe Biden.

Snitches may get stitches —but they can also break open corruption scandals while landing a big payday from the IRS. At least, that’s what a former GOP staffer tried to do to Joe Biden.

Ex-Capitol Hill staffer Chris Jacobs did his best to get President Joe Biden audited by the IRS in order to uncover some of Biden’s mysterious income streams. The President routed more than $13 million dollars through S corporations between 2017 and 2018 —a tax dodge loophole.

According to the New York Post, “The IRS allows people to inform on fellow taxpayers and win a slice of the proceeds — prompting [Jacobs]…to submit complaints against Biden and his accountant, though he said he didn’t want any financial reward.”

But the IRS rejected Jacobs’ complaint.

“Under [IRS rules], an award may be paid only if the information provided results in the collection of tax, penalties, interest, additions to tax, or additional amounts based on the information provided. Therefore, you are not eligible for an award,” IRS auditor Tresa Williams replied to Jacobs’ complaint.

“Although the information you submitted did not qualify for an award, thank you for your interest in the administration of the internal revenue laws,” Williams added.

“Tax law expert Bob Willens, who teaches at Columbia University’s business school, said the rejection means Biden is likely to run out a three-year statute of limitations, meaning Republican claims that Biden owes up to $500,000 in taxes are unlikely to be resolved,” the Post reports.

“It looks like the question of whether the president underpaid his Medicare taxes will never be aired,” Willens told The Post. “Here, without any interest on the IRS’s part in bringing an enforcement action, there’s no way for Mr. Jacobs, that I’m aware of, to prosecute the case himself,” Willens continues. “So, clearly, there will be no whistleblower award here because the [IRS] indifference to the information he provided means there will be no ‘proceeds’ out of which these awards are ordinarily paid.”

But Jacobs believes the IRS dismissed the claim too quickly and says the GOP should investigate.

“If Republicans win back control of Congress next year, they should conduct rigorous oversight as to why the IRS has reportedly spent a decade auditing Donald Trump, yet does not want to scrutinize what tax experts of both parties have called Joe Biden’s legally questionable conduct.”

The Biden Administration has empowered the IRS and expanded its oversight to go after everyday Americans for peanuts —but they won’t take a look at Biden’s millions.

But if the GOP takes back the House, Biden may be on the hook for hundreds of thousands.

“When we take back the House in 2022, Oversight [Committee] Republicans won’t forget about Biden’s legally dubious tax avoidance schemes,” says Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN).