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‘This Board is Un-American’: GOP Calls Disinfo Czar to Appear in Front of Judiciary Committee.

Jim Jordan & Co. Want to Chat With Nina Jankowicz About the Dangerous New Dept.

Photo for: ‘This Board is Un-American’: GOP Calls Disinfo Czar to Appear in Front of Judiciary Committee.

Ranking House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) sure does have his hands full these days. When he’s not busy with Hunter Biden and the Laptop From Hell™, Jordan can be found digging into Biden’s FTC going after Elon Musk or the DHS’ new Disinformation board.

Jordan really doesn’t like the Disinformation board aka the ‘Ministry of Truth.’

“This Board is un- American, anti-democratic, and a dangerous escalation of the Biden Administration’s embrace of government-endorsed censorship,” Jordan and twelve of the committee’s Republicans wrote in a letter to department head Nina Jankowicz on Thursday. “In addition, judging from your past statements, Americans can not and should not trust you with your newfound authority to act as the Biden Administration’s arbiter of the truth.”

The committee wants Jankowicz to provide all correspondence pertinent to the creation of the board, its members and its mission —and they want it all in two weeks. Jordan & Co. also want any information regarding collaborations with social media companies to control speech.

Not surprising, considering she was a Hunter Biden laptop denier —a story that was famously censored and buried after the New York Post dropped its bombshell report in October, 2020.

And here’s more cause for concern… 

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted this week during an Appropriations Committee hearing that he didn’t know Jankowicz doubted the laptop, pushed the Steele dossier, or recorded those strange TikTok videos where she’s singing like Mary Poppins.

That’s right: he hired an “expert” in Russian disinformation who botched the two biggest Russian disinformation calls of the last decade. You can’t make this stuff up.

“We don’t discuss our internal hiring processes, but I am the Secretary of Homeland Security and ultimately, I am responsible,” Mayorkas told the Senate panel.

‘When the Department picked her, did it know that she had said that Mr. Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russia disinformation?’ Senator Kennedy (R-LA) asked Mayorkas.

‘I was not aware of that,’ the secretary responded. “Ultimately it’s the secretary responsible for the decisions for the Department of Homeland Security.”

Pivoting back to Jordan and the letter from the House Judiciary Committee for a moment…

“The establishment of the Biden administration’s Board and your appointment to lead it gives rise to considerable concerns about its effect on Americans’ fundamental civil liberties. The ability of Americans to engage in robust debate and conversation is the foundation of American politics, and there is no place for a de facto ministry of truth in our government.”

Jankowicz doesn’t want robust debate or conversation —unless it’s sanctioned by the ministry.