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WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COMMIE! Youngkin Squashes Chinese Battery Plant in VA.

‘Made in Virginia’ Cannot be a Front for the CCP’ the Governor Says.

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U.S. lawmakers are finally pushing back on the CCP’s influence in America.

As previously reported by The Drill Down, both sides of the aisle came together last week to vote 365-65 in favor of forming the Select Committee on China Competition. Even members of Congress who had concerns about the committee ultimately had to agree that it was necessary in the face of great threats from the CCP.

An excellent sign out of Washington —and America’s governors are hard at work, too.

While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has pledged to step up the fight against China’s land grab in the Sunshine State, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is making a similar promise —and backing it up with some concrete actions.

He canceled plans for a battery plant due to China’s connection.

Speaking to reporters after the annual State of the Commonwealth address Wednesday, Youngkin said his administration “felt that the right thing to do was to not recruit Ford as a front for China to America.”

“Virginians should also be wary of Chinese Communist intrusion into Virginia’s economy,” he said. “We welcome and encourage economic cooperation with international companies. … But let me be clear, ‘Made in Virginia’ cannot be a front for the Chinese Communist Party.”

From Virginia Mercury:

Youngkin later told reporters that his prior role as co-CEO of the Carlyle Group, a private equity firm that has invested extensively in China, made him “uniquely positioned to understand how the Chinese Communist Party works.” 

“I understand what they’re doing,” he said. “They have one objective: global dominance at the expense of the United States.” 

Much of Youngkin’s criticism of the Ford proposal Wednesday was accompanied by criticism of what he called Democratic President Joe Biden’s “maniacal focus on getting rid of all fossil fuel generation, replacing it with solar, wind, or replacing every car immediately with batteries” when “the reality is that the technology that in fact drives all that is owned and dominated by the Chinese.” 

And Youngkin is correct. The Chinese are looking to capitalize off of the American left’s run toward green energy. As previously reported by DD, China may only be the world’s third-largest lithium exporter at 14,000 metric tons a year (behind Australia and Chile), but they are responsible for 80% of global Li-ion manufacturing. They also dominate the supply chain, including mining and refining of battery materials.

So every politician rushing to go green is also rushing to put cash in China’s pocket. Electric cars need batteries and batteries need lithium. The CCP can’t wait for America to “go green.” They’ll make money hand over fist —including money from this massive lithium mine in Nevada.