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THE CCP’S LITHIUM PLAY: Nevada Dems Back Mine That Will Enrich Our Biggest Enemy.

Green Energy Push Means More Lithium Batteries —And Money for China.

Photo for: THE CCP’S LITHIUM PLAY: Nevada Dems Back Mine That Will Enrich Our Biggest Enemy.

China may only be the world’s third-largest lithium exporter at 14,000 metric tons a year (behind Australia and Chile), but they are responsible for 80% of global Li-ion manufacturing. They also dominate the supply chain, including mining and refining of battery materials.

So every politician rushing to go green is also rushing to put cash in China’s pocket. Electric cars need batteries and batteries need lithium. The CCP can’t wait for America to “go green.” They’ll make money hand over fist —including money from a massive lithium mine in Nevada.

A mine local politicians love.

First, the deceptive name: Lithium Americas. That’s the foreign company planning to mine lithium in the Silver State —only they aren’t entirely American. The company’s largest shareholder is a Chinese enterprise led by known CCP members called “Ganfeng.”

Democratic governor Steve Sisolak in September 2020 approved $8.5 million in tax abatements for Lithium Americas (a Canadian company); they intend to mine tens of thousands of tons of lithium.  Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto is also championing the mine, clearing the way for China.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, “Both Sisolak and Cortez Masto have argued that lithium mining in Nevada will accelerate America’s clean energy economy by securing a domestic supply chain for crucial minerals, a sector that China dominates. But those arguments ignore Lithium Americas’ largest shareholder—Chinese mineral giant Ganfeng, which holds a seat on Lithium Americas’s board and ‘may … be in a position to affect the company’s operations and direction,’ according to Lithium Americas’ most recent annual report.”

So what exactly are the CCP ties? More from Free Beacon:

“Ganfeng president Li Liangbin…holds positions on an array of committees and advisory boards that feed into the Chinese Communist Party, and the company’s 2021 annual report describes board member Yu Jianguo as ‘a member of the Communist Party of China.’ In addition, Ganfeng executive vice president Wang Xiaoshen—who serves on Lithium Americas’ board—’established himself in the lithium sector with China State-Owned Enterprises,’ according to a 2011 press release.”

Now here’s the most concerning part of the whole deal —remember how we said China is third in lithium production? Well, Ganfeng has sizable stakes in mining projects all over the world —including top producing countries Australia and Chile.

The Nevada mine will be Ganfeng’s first foray into American lithium mining —and that’s something former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says is cause for alarm.

“The United States government has a responsibility to look through this façade, this corporate entity that is fronting the Chinese Communist Party, and prevent them from moving forward,” Pompeo told the Washington Free Beacon. “This is clearly an intention by the Chinese Communist Party to control the entire supply chain for green energy. They want a monopoly on lithium, and allowing them to do this by presenting themselves through a Canadian entity is dangerous. The United States Department of Treasury has the capacity to stop this from happening, and they should.”

They should…but will they?