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TikTok —The Preferred Social Media App for Drug Cartels South of the Border.

A Simple Search of the Word ‘Cartel’ Can Have Dangerous Consequences.

Photo for: TikTok —The Preferred Social Media App for Drug Cartels South of the Border.

Back in February, The Drill Down reported on Meta knowingly allowing Facebook to serve as a communications channel for human smuggling services. From an internal Meta memo:

“We observed that a slight majority of stakeholders favored allowing solicitations of smuggling services for reasons associated with asylum seekers. We decided that this was indeed the best option since the risks could be mitigated by sending resources, whereas the risks of removing such content could not be mitigated.”

Well if Facebook is the preferred platform of smugglers, TikTok is number one among cartels.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, social media platform TikTok is on the rise as the preferred app of cartels down at the southern border. Cartels use TikTok to post enticing videos with the ultimate goal of finding Americans to assist them in illegal activities.

“Cartels are trying to get workers. They’re trying to recruit people to help them out. [They] show lots of money, they show lots of drinking, partying, and everything else,” Commander Jorge Esparza of the Brooks County Sheriff Department told the Washington Free Beacon during a recent trip to the border. “The way I look at it is, if social media companies are getting mad at somebody for making a comment about race or sexuality or something, I think they should be held more accountable” for what cartels are posting.

A simple search for the word “cartel” turns up thousands of posts —and potential job opportunities. It’s similar to a job board, but the postings are videos celebrating an extravagant, dangerous lifestyle in an attempt to draw in interested parties.

“Commenters ask how to apply for a job or leave their contact information,” WFB reports.

“We’ve seen ads on TikTok, we’ve seen ads on Facebook for people that were recruiting individuals to drive their cars,” said Sgt. Aaron Moreno of the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department. “I’ve pulled over people who have [illegal migrants in their car] and they’re like ‘Yeah, I’m, like, an Uber driver, sir.'”

“It’s like a joke on law enforcement,” Moreno adds. “I’ve seen TikTok videos where there’s coyotes in a vehicle and they have a long rifle.”

Florida Senator Marco Rubio isn’t surprised in the least.

“No one should be surprised,” Rubio says. “TikTok is a Chinese company, which means it is required by law to serve the interests of the Chinese Communist Party. And what do the cartels and Beijing have in common? Both are eager to flood our communities with fentanyl.”

“If President Biden were serious about protecting Americans, he’d ban TikTok and secure the border. It is really that simple.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is all over the Biden Administration for its incompetence at the border, promised to dive into the cartel use of TikTok in February.

“Chinese-owned company TikTok may be complicit in child exploitation, sex trafficking, human trafficking, drug smuggling and other unimaginable horrors,” Paxton said. “I will get to the bottom of these concerns and make sure Big Tech doesn’t interfere with the safety and security of Texans.”

Word from the Biden Administration on these dangers? Nothing.

Not a peep.