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What is a ‘Qualified Citizen?’ China's Latest Attempt to Control the Narrative.

New Online Guidelines Censor Content that ‘Weakens’ CCP Leadership.

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Here’s your daily reminder that China is constantly cracking down on dissent…

According to a report from Breitbart News, a new policy in China states that only qualified citizens will be able to post about certain topics online, in an effort that sounds eerily like the Biden Administration’s former Governance Disinformation Board Czar, Nina Jankowicz.

(Hey, maybe they hired her.)

According to the South China Morning Post, owned by Alibaba, one of the world’s biggest pro-China organizations, new guidelines for influencers online will censor and ban any content that “weakens or distorts” the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The paper references 31 “banned behaviors.”

The 31 banned behaviors during live-streaming sessions include publishing content that weakens or distorts the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, the socialist system or the country’s reforms and opening-up.

Other prohibited behaviors include using deepfake technologies to tamper with the images of party or state leaders, and deliberately “hyping up” sensitive issues and attracting public attention.

Live-streamers are also forbidden from showing an extravagant lifestyle, such as displaying luxury products and cash, the guideline said.

China’s National Radio and Television Administration and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism published the guidelines —again, in a move that sounds, if not exactly like the Biden Administration, then “Biden Administration adjacent.”

“Online influencers in China will be required to possess ‘qualifications’ to discuss a range of topics including medicine, finance, law, and education, although the guidelines do not specify what kind of qualifications will be required,” Breitbart News reports.

During her brief time as Disinformation Czar for a board that failed to launch, it was discovered that Nina Jankwociz shared similar viewpoints and believed in taking similar actions to those described above — in 2021 she endorsed government setting standards for online content.

From Breitbart News…

One British lawmaker asked Jankowicz about her opinion on setting minimum speech standards, such as banning the celebration of misogyny on the internet.

“Yes,” she replied, endorsing the idea, and noted the British Office of Communication (Ofcom) could set the standards.

“For Ofcom to be able to establish the minimum standards that would be applied to all platforms and incur fines would be a useful starting point,” Jankowicz said. “That could be based, again, on the preexisting terms of service.”

Never thought 2022 America would look so similar to Communist China.