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WALKING PAPERS: DHS Fails to File Paperwork, 200K Deportation Cases Tossed.

‘These Large Numbers Raise Serious Concerns.’

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According to a report released this week by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University, the Department of Homeland Security failed to file critical court paperwork resulting in more than 200,000 migrant deportation cases being thrown out.

The TRAC report included data through February 2024.

“These large numbers of dismissals and what then happens raises serious concerns,” the TRAC report states. The organization called it “troubling” that there was an “almost total lack of transparency on where and why these DHS failures occurred.”

“These large numbers of dismissals and what then happens raise serious concerns,” the report continues. “Equally troubling is the lack of solid information on what happened to these many immigrants when DHS never rectified its failure by reissuing and filing new NTAs to restart their Court cases.”

Notices to Appear, or NTAs, are issued to illegal migrants encountered at the border — but a corresponding notice must be given to the immigration court.

“Almost all Immigration Court cases are removal cases for which DHS must file an NTA for the case to go forward,” the TRAC report explains.

From The New York Post:

Cases dismissed because of NTAs not being filed jumped when Biden took office, from 6,482 in 2020 to 33,802 in 2021.

The amount of no NTAs ballooned to 79,592 in 2022 before falling t0 68,869 in 2023.

So far in 2024, 10,598 deportation cases have been dismissed because of no NTAs, according to the report.

Between 2014 and 2020, less than 1% of deportation cases were dismissed because of NTAs not being filed with courts.

In Biden’s first three years in office, that figure was 8.4% of cases.

“Ten years ago, DHS’s failure to file an NTA before the scheduled first hearing was rare,” the report said. “However, the frequency increased once Border Patrol and other DHS personnel were given access to the Immigration Court’s Interactive Scheduling System (ISS).”

“DHS’s relatively recent access to the Court’s scheduling system created a new administrative problem: DHS employees could schedule Immigration Court hearings sooner than the agency could file the NTA, and this could have negative consequences for both the Immigration Court and the immigrant respondents themselves,” TRAC found. “Indeed, this is what happened.”

“With Immigration Judges staring down 3.5 million pending immigration cases, every wasted hearing is a hearing that could have moved another case forward or resolved it.”

Another Biden border disaster.