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TikTok is Sending Your Child’s Data to Beijing

Photo for: TikTok is Sending Your Child’s Data to Beijing

Social media is increasingly being linked to a number of social problems including declining physical activity, social isolation, and even addiction. Perhaps the most extreme example of this involves Tik-Tok, a video platform owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. On the latest episode of the Drill Down podcast, Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers explore how the Chinese government uses Tik-Tok to gather gargantuan amounts of data for its own, often secret, purposes.

Despite what Tik-Tok’s American executives claim, recent evidence has shown that data scraped from the app’s users is utilized by Beijing, including biometric data such as voice and face recognition.

Tik-Tok has attracted the ire of policymakers inside the Pentagon and the FCC, and prompted legislation in California to open the way for lawsuits against ByteDance and related companies. That China explicitly prohibits Tik-Tok at home as it proliferates inside the United States should be cause for concern for the rest of the political class.