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How China’s TikTok Is Hurting Your Children

Photo for: How China’s TikTok Is Hurting Your Children

Are your children addicted to social media? It’s likelier than you might think, if they’re users of Tik-Tok, the Chinese-owned video platform infamous for its hypnotic algorithm and its hold on America’s youth. On the latest episode of the Drill Down podcast, Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers examine the darker side of an app often associated with funny dance routines and silly memes.

Tik-Tok is used by hundreds of millions of young people around the world Curiously, however, the app is not allowed in its parent country of China. Instead, China offers a heavily curated alternative that includes measures to reduce its addictive qualities and favors educational material.

Tik-Tok’s American executives claim that data stripped from its users are not exploited by the Chinese government, but new reporting shows that to be demonstrably false. This is similar to a pattern of behavior we’ve also seen from Chinese officials regarding another addictive substance: fentanyl.

This puts policymakers in Washington in a position of action, if they can muster the will to do something—but will they?