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There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch at Schools That Oppose Biden’s LGBT Agenda.

A Christian School Must Comply With LGBT Mandates or Lose Federal Funding.

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The Biden Administration is having a blast redefining things, questioning long-established norms, and threatening any group that doesn’t comply with its tweet-of-the-moment legislation strategy. Not everyone is enjoying the ride, though: ask Grant Park Christian Academy in Florida.

Back in May, Biden redefined the meaning of “sex” in Title IX to include elements of sexual orientation and gender identity.  It then tried to force schools to permit transgender students to use male or female bathrooms and play sports with either sex —and failure to comply had significant consequences.

In order to receive National School Lunch Program funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, schools had to play ball, using the new definitions of sexual orientation and gender identity. But what about religious schools, you ask? Back to Grant Park Christian Academy…

According to The Washington Free Beacon, “the Florida school refused to substitute gender identity for biological sex, costing them their ability to feed two meals and snacks daily to their 56 students when the fall semester starts. If Grant Park’s application is not approved by Aug. 10, the school will not be reimbursed for the meals it serves students. Alliance Defending Freedom legal counsel Erica Steinmiller-Perdomo said [agriculture commissioner Nikki] Fried should not block Grant Park’s school lunch funding, as Title IX provides a religious exemption.”

“For five years, this Christian school has received funding to provide nutritious meals to dozens of low-income children in the community,” Steinmiller-Perdomo said. “Commissioner Fried and the Biden administration are trying to rewrite the law and ignore the exemption in an attempt to force this school to choose between violating its religious beliefs or providing lunches to children.”

Back in June Christina Pushaw, Press Secretary for Governor Ron DeSantis said the move was “appalling.”

“We will not allow Biden to force Floridians to choose between children’s food and parents’ rights,” Pushaw told the Washington Free Beacon. “That is the kind of ‘decision’ that a totalitarian regime would force upon its citizenry.”

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem had a similar reaction, saying “”Joe Biden has threatened to take away children’s school lunch money to pursue his radical agenda. He’s targeting states like ours that make it clear biological men do NOT belong in girls’ bathrooms and sports. If you act on this, Joe, we’ll see you in court and we will win.”

“All people should be treated with dignity and respect, but it’s wrong for the federal government to take away free meals from economically disadvantaged students if their schools do not embrace radical gender ideology,” Greg Baylor, a senior counsel at the Alliance Defending Freedom, told the Washington Free Beacon.

Why does the Biden Administration feel exclusion is a means to inclusion?