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We Want Our Money Back: Biden Has the Most Expensive Administration in History.

$100.7 Million Dollars for an Administration With No Wins and a 4-day Week Prez.

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WANTED: One do-nothing administration. Must be willing to work from basement. Must be proficient in spin and rewriting long-accepted definitions. Enjoying 4-day weekends is a plus. No biology or economic experience required. Compensation: $100.7 million dollars.

Now, that’s a joke but it’s the truth of it that makes it downright scary.

According to an annual report presented to Congress and published on July 1st, the Joe Biden White House staff is the highest paid of any previous administration and has the highest headcount to boot. Considering they haven’t done a whole lot, those are some damning facts.

And that $100.7 million —taxpayer-funded, of course. put together a comprehensive deep-dive on the report, singling out some of the more shocking and egregious bits of information. For example, did you know there has never been a White House that employed more than 500 people —until Joe Biden?

The Biden White House employed 560 (FY2021) and 474 this year (2022). In 2022, the headcount dropped by 86 employees. How many people do they need to sharpen Mr. Biden’s pencils? Surely some of these “friend’s nephews” can be shown the exit.

And if you’re looking for a Trump comparison, here it is: Biden employs 100 more staffers than Trump (374) did in fiscal year 2018. “The costs over the first two years of the Biden administration exceeded Trump ($85.1 million) by $15.6 million; but the costs were $5.7 million less than Obama ($106.4 million), adjusted for inflation. (However, Biden didn’t disclose the pay of 16 staffers.)”

Biden says his dad always told him “show me your budget and I’ll tell you what you value” —well, how about this?

According to RealClearPolicy, “The projected four-year costs of the Biden payroll exceed $200 million, compared to the 2017-2020 Trump administration’s $152 million (inflation-adjusted to $163 million), the 2013-2016 Obama administration’s $155.6 million ($178.2 million), and the 2009- 2012 Obama administration’s $153 million (inflation-adjusted to $187 million).”

Sounds like Mr. Biden values unelected White House officials and wasting the money of hard-working Americans.