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Security Details: The Hypocrisy of Democratic Mayors Defunding Police Departments.

Millions Spent on Private Security While Violent Crime Skyrockets

Photo for: Security Details: The Hypocrisy of Democratic Mayors Defunding Police Departments.

Key Points

  • Only 1-in-5 Americans Supports Defunding Police
  • Democrat-run Cities are Defunding Despite Rise in Violent Crime
  • Taxpayers Are Funding Private Security for City Officials

Despite the fact that defunding the police is incredibly unpopular with most Americans – only 1-in-5 supports the movement according to a recent USA Today/Ipsos poll – that hasn’t deterred prominent Democrat-run cities from slashing police budgets.

…even as violent crime continues to rise.

According to Forbes, officials have already cut – or have proposed cutting – police budgets in 25 U.S. cities. But there’s a curious caveat to the Democrats defund dream-turned-nightmare.

“In as many as 20 cities, mayors and other city officials enjoy the personal protection of a dedicated police security detail. This security costs taxpayers millions of dollars per year. [But] defunding of police – coupled with taxpayer dollars spent on police security details protecting public officials– only occurred in cities run by Democratic mayors,” Forbes reports.

So, Democrats are happy to take cops off the street, risking American lives, as long as their constituents cover the cost of million-dollar, private security details.

Let’s dig into defund.

According to Fox News, New York City shootings have spiked 127% in 2021. “City officials say liberal pushes to ‘defund the police’ have hindered the NYPD’s ability to keep the city safe,” Fox reports. Meanwhile, Mayor Bill de Blasio has a private NYPD security detail.

Over to the Windy City where homicides are up 33% and shootings climbed nearly 60% since 2019. 400 police officer positions were cut in 2020 to appease the defund mob. That same year, Chicago spent $3.4 million on 22 officers to protect city officials – an all-time high.

In San Francisco, more of the same. After removing $120 million from the police budget and dumping it into health programs and workforce training, murder rates spiked 26.5% in the last quarter of 2020. Mayor Breed’s not worried, though – she gets $2.5 million in private security.

Finally, a quick look at Baltimore. According to Forbes, “Charm City” has eliminated about $22 million from its police budget. But in 2020 the city spent $3.6 million for 14 police officers to work as private security detail for Mayor Brandon Scott and other high-ranking state’s officials.

During a recent CNN town hall, President Biden said defunding the police is not his party’s position. “I’m the Democratic Party. I am president. So is the Speaker of the House [Nancy Pelosi] and so is the Majority Leader [Chuck Schumer]. We are not defunding the police.”

Maybe President Biden should spend more time speaking with the mayors in some of the nation’s largest, most crime-ridden cities.