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DOUBLE STANDARD: DOJ Goes After J6 Protestors; BLM/Antifa Not So Much.

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Key Points

Rioter. Protestor. Language is everything when spinning the narrative around who gets prosecuted and who gets off with a slap on the wrist. The Department of Justice is gunning hard for January 6th “rioters”; BLM and Antifa “protestors” – not so much.


But here’s a fact: BLM and Antifa protests are more violent and have caused more damage than the Capitol protest.


Let’s look at the violence claim.


According to the Epoch Times, “An FBI official…testified at a Senate hearing that she has no knowledge of any guns being recovered from suspects who were arrested during the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.” Meanwhile, Antifa adherents are often found with assault rifles, handguns, blunt force objects, and molotov cocktails.


Now let’s talk damage.


According to The Washington Post, the events on Jan. 6 caused about $1.5 million worth of damage to the Capitol. The BLM/Antifa price tag: $2 billion in property damage following the death of George Floyd, The New York Post reports.


Let’s compare arrests and detention.


According to Politico, “Most of the 300-plus people charged with participating in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot have been released while they await trial, but dozens of those deemed to be dangerous, flight risks or at high risk of obstructing justice were ordered held without bond. D.C. jail officials later determined that all Capitol detainees would be placed in so-called restrictive housing — a move billed as necessary to keep the defendants safe, as well as guards and other inmates. But that means 23-hour-a-day isolation for the accused, even before their trials begin.”


23-hour solitary confinement for Americans awaiting trial. Compare that to the Portland riots, where the majority of “protestors” were charged with minor offenses and released. 


According to NPR, following the Portland protests, the U.S. Attorney’s Office had charges outstanding against 74 people, including 11 citations and 42 misdemeanors. More than 70% of the cases are not felonies.


And, not surprisingly, none of the court documents from federal cases in Portland reference Antifa or any sort of broader anti-fascist movement or conspiracy.


The Drill Down team dives deeper into the DOJ double standard on this week’s podcast. Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers are joined by special guest Jesse Watters.