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SCHWEIZER ON THE BALANCE: Biden Laughs About 'Globalized Corruption' as Walls Close In.

President of the Government Accountability Institute and New York Times best-selling author Peter Schweizer stopped by Newsmax Tuesday night to visit with host Eric Bolling on The Balance. 

Schweizer and Bolling discuss Joe Biden’s latest “travel benefits” — an $18 million dollar vacation rental in Lake Tahoe, Nevada; a home that belongs to former presidential candidate Tom Steyer.

“The White House actually had the guts to say the Bidens are paying market prices to rent these places they are staying at. That’s going to exceed Joe’s full salary,” Bolling says.

“I’d like to see what they define as ‘market prices,’ Schweizer says, before going on to absolutely torch Tom Steyer for flip-flopping on energy.

“Steyer, the great investor, used to be a massive investor in the coal sector, especially in Asia…then he switched to investing in green energy companies and now advocates for government policies on green energy. His companies, I dare say, would benefit mightly by some of the policies…pushed by the Biden Administration.”

“Have you ever seen a more corrupt family,” Bolling asks.

Watch Schweizer’s answer above.