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SCHWEIZER ON WATTERS: 'What Did Foreign Countries Get for Their Millions? Joe Biden.'

President of the Government Accountability Institute and New York Times best-selling author Peter Schweizer stopped by Jesse Watters Primetime this week to provide insight on Biden using Air Force Two like an Uber for personal business.

“It wasn’t just the China trip on Air Force Two. We’ve found eight trips now on Air Force Two. It’s not like Joe didn’t know he was taking his son on Air Force Two to foreign countries. How are they going to explain this?” Watters asks Schweizer.

“They’re going to try and explain it away,” Schweizer says. “The thing team Biden can’t answer is the Bidens got tens of millions of dollars — what did these people paying the Bidens actually get in return? There’s nothing tangible! There’s no service, no product, no advice.”

“They got Joe Biden.”

“The good news is the American people are moving against the Bidens,” Schweizer says, referencing a recent Harvard/Harris poll.

Watch the clip above.