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SCHWEIZER ON KIRK: Document Scandal 'Minor' Compared to 'Massive Problem' of Biden's $31M Chinese Payday

'It's Very Clear Joe Biden Met With Hunter's Business Partners'

Government Accountability Institute President and New York Times best-selling writer Peter Schweizer stopped by The Charlie Kirk Show to discuss the latest developments on Joe Biden’s seemingly never-ending stash of unsecured classified documents; “the Biden document scandal is the typical bureaucratic approach which is avoiding the bigger scandal and going after this little technicality,” Schweizer starts.

“The Biden family got some $31 million dollars from four Chinese businessmen beginning when Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States…and they all have links to the highest level of Chinese intelligence,” Schweizer adds.

“This is a massive problem that the mainstream media has completely ignored…I don’t mean to minimize [the documents scandal] but from the standpoint of the larger scandals facing the Biden family, it is relatively minor.”

“Why did the Bidens receive $31 million dollars from these businessmen?”

Watch the clip above.