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SCHWEIZER ON KELLY: 'There Are a Lot of Reasons for Joe Biden to Not Run for Re-Election.'

President of the Government Accountability Institute and New York Times best-selling author Peter Schweizer stopped by Greg Kelly Reports on Newsmax this week to discuss Biden’s chances of running for re-election.

“There’s a growing sense that [Biden] will have to pull out,” Kelly says.

“I’m not going to predict anything, but there are all kinds of interesting signs that indicate that Joe Biden might bow out [of 2024],” Schweizer says. “Part of that is related to his polling numbers and the very real concerns about his health. But there’s also the growing scandals involving the family…the fact that we’re probably going to have an impeachment inquiry which gives them more broad powers.”

“There are a lot of reasons for Joe Biden to say, ‘I’m going to serve out my term and I’m going to move on.'”

Watch the clip above.