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EGGERS ON NEWSMAX: 'I Think We Will See Impeachment Articles Move Forward.'

Vice President of the Government Accountability Institute Eric Eggers stopped by The Count on Newsmax to dive into the latest revelations from the Biden investigations —including the 5400 emails, electronic records, and documents involving Biden’s fake names.

But many of the documents still remain classified and the National Archives are refusing to hand them over.

“We know that Hunter Biden was CC’d on emails to [Joe Biden’s] fake email address about future calls with the President of Ukraine which essentially would be a payoff for the corrupt business scheme that Hunter Biden had agreed to with the President of that Ukrainian gas company,” Eggers says. “Remember he was hired specifically to do the thing that Joe Biden bragged about doing, getting that prosecutor fired, which we now know went counter the Obama Administration position.”

“You have Hunter Biden being paid a million dollars a year for this. You have Joe Biden withholding a billion dollars in aid counter to his country’s guidance essentially to do the thing to get his son paid.”

“So they got away with it when he was Vice President, why wouldn’t they feel wildly empowered to do the same thing while he’s president?”

“I think we will see Impeachment articles move forward.”

Watch the clip above.