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Protecting the Swamp: Biden Finalizes Protections to Prevent Bureaucratic Purge.

Trump Wants to Dump Tens of Thousands of Swampy Jobs — Biden Moves to Block.

Photo for: Protecting the Swamp: Biden Finalizes Protections to Prevent Bureaucratic Purge.

According to a report from The Washington Times, President Biden has moved to protect swampy government bureaucrats in the event former President Donald Trump retakes the White House and delivers on his promise to clean house.

Biden protected tens of thousands of policy-making positions.

“Mr. Biden said his new rules would insulate employees from that kind of political pressure by making it tougher to reclassify their jobs and then fire them,” The Times reports.

“Day in and day out, career civil servants provide the expertise and continuity necessary for our democracy to function,” Mr. Biden said. “This rule is a step toward combatting corruption and partisan interference to ensure civil servants are able to focus on the most important task at hand: delivering for the American people.”

Trump is the target of Biden’s policy shift, The Times reports. Especially considering late in his presidency Trump issued an executive order that could have allowed thousands of career civil service positions to be reclassified, making it easier to fire workers.

Trump said at the time that it was too difficult to fire “poorly performing employees.” Biden loves these Deep State do-nothings, apparently — and wants them right where they are.

From The Washington Times:

Known as Schedule F, the order was aimed at positions that create policy. Trump officials said those jobs ought to be responsive to the president.

The National Treasury Employees Union, a major public sector labor union that had sued to block Schedule F, said it could have swept up “tens of thousands of frontline federal employees.”
Mr. Biden revoked Schedule F when he took office, derailing the lawsuit.

Mr. Trump has been eyeing a revival, should he win the White House in November.

“In most agencies, the career employees are more liberal than 90% of Americans,” says James Sherk, who led the Trump administration’s civil service efforts.

No wonder Joe wants to keep them in place.

“Schedule F was a tool to allow the president to say to these employees, ‘Look, do your job. You didn’t win the election, I did,” Shrek added.

Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, says he will investigate Biden’s move to protect these swamp creatures.

“The Biden administration’s rule will further undermine Americans’ confidence in their government since it allows poor performing federal workers and those who attempt to thwart the policies of a duly elected president to remain entrenched in the federal bureaucracy,” the Kentucky Republican said in a statement.