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Dismantling Title IX: Biden Administration's Changes Will Gut Sports for Women and Girls.

Trans Athlete Updates Pushed Out of 2024, Wildly Unpopular on Both Sides of Aisle.

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Sweeping reforms are incoming from the Biden Administration on Title IX. The updates will govern how sex discrimination is addressed in schools, including new protections for transgender students. The proposed updates were revealed last year.

But now we’re learning that a companion piece to the update — one that would outline the rights of trans athletes — will be pushed out of this election year. Why? Because allowing transwomen to play in women’s sports is incredibly unpopular with most of the country

According to The Washington Post, “ Polling shows that clear majorities of Americans, including a sizable slice of Democrats, oppose allowing transgender athletes to compete on girls’ and women’s teams. Twenty-five states have statewide bans on their participation, with proponents arguing that trans women have a biological advantage over other participants.”

What is the Biden Administration proposing, exactly? Well, according to a U.S. Department of Education fact sheet, things like this: “The proposed rule would establish that policies violate Title IX when they categorically ban transgender students from participating on sports teams consistent with their gender identity just because of who they are.”

That essentially prohibits establishing sports programs only for women and girls. “Girls only” sports would violate the updated Title IX policies.

Here’s more from the Biden Administration…

“One-size-fits-all policies that categorically ban transgender students from participating in athletics consistent with their gender identity across all sports, age groups, and levels of competition would not satisfy the proposed regulation.”

“Such bans fail to account for differences among students across grade and education levels. They also fail to account for different levels of competition—including no-cut teams that let all students participate—and different types of sports.”

So, if the powers that be find that a sport isn’t that competitive, and more for fun, and the kids are young, it cannot be a girls-only sport.

Additionally, depending on which sport is being discussed for trans inclusion, it may or may not involve skills that necessitate a girls-only space.

“Sports vary widely in the skills they require, and students vary widely in their talent for particular sports. Recognizing this, the Department proposes that schools that seek to restrict students from participating consistent with their gender identity must take account of the nature of the sports to which the restriction would apply,” the DoE fact sheet states.

Title IX was created to eradicate sex discrimination against women in education — giving them a space of their own to compete for opportunities on a level playing field.

The Biden Administration seems intent on un-leveling the playing field for 50% of Americans under the guise of “fairness” and “inclusion.”

This policy shift is anything but fair…