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POLITICO OFF ITS ROCKER: News Org Calls Putin A Climate Influencer for Killing People.

Politico Pushes Progressivism to the Breaking Point as they Celebrate a Killer.

Photo for: POLITICO OFF ITS ROCKER: News Org Calls Putin A Climate Influencer for Killing People.

Remember when Time Magazine made Hitler Man of the Year in 1938? This is nearly as ridiculous. Putin, a hero for the green revolution, Politico says. Such nonsense.

But here we go anyway…

Introducing Politico’s Putin: a climate influencer for invading a country, resulting in the international community having to wean itself off dirty, Russian oil.

“By invading Ukraine and manipulating energy supplies to undermine European support for Kyiv, Russian President Vladimir Putin has achieved something generations of green campaigners could not — clean energy is now a fundamental matter of European security,” Politico reports.

Yes. A madman invaded a neighboring country, slaughtered thousands of innocents —including children —and we’re talking about how good it is for the environment? This angle isn’t shocking or progressive so much as it’s just gross. We’re now dealing with a liberal media bubble that celebrates all bodies sacrificed at the altar of climate change.

“The political response from the EU was swift: Within weeks of the February 24 invasion, a plan was sketched out aimed at unhooking the Continent’s energy ties from Moscow. It leaned on three pillars: cutting oil, gas and coal supplies from Russia; getting gas and other fossil fuels from elsewhere; and massively speeding up the roll out of renewable power and energy saving measures,” Politico reports.

Wow! Within weeks, you say? Fantastic. Here are some more amazing facts about the War in Ukraine as discovered by Matilda Bogner from the UN back in September.

The conflict is now in its seventh month and Bogner’s team has corroborated 14,059 civilian casualties to date, with 5,767 people killed and 8,292 injured. “As we have repeatedly said, we know that actual numbers are likely considerably higher,” Bogner says.

“We have documented arbitrary arrests and torture of individuals apprehended in the Russian-occupied Kherson region and transferred to Crimea,” said Ms. Bogner.

“In addition, men who cross the administrative boundary line from mainland Ukraine to Crimea have been subjected to so-called ‘filtration’ by the Russian Federal Security Service at checkpoints. According to credible reports received by our Mission, this exposes them to the risk of enforced disappearance, arbitrary arrest, torture and ill-treatment.”

How about prisoners of war? Well, assume it’s bad because they can’t see them.

“This is all the more worrying since we have documented that prisoners of war in the power of the Russian Federation and held by the Russian Federation’s armed forces or by affiliated armed groups have suffered torture and ill-treatment, and in some places of detention lack adequate food, water, healthcare and sanitation,” said Ms. Bogner.

Also included in the Politico piece was this little nugget…

“We will look back at this situation in 10 years time and see, OK, that was the moment where we really got serious about the green transition and we really had the big green acceleration,” said Simone Tagliapietra, a research fellow at the Brussels-based think tank Bruegel.

Yep, that’s what Ukrainian wives and mothers will be thinking, absolutely.