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Picking Up the Tab: Hunter and Joe Shared Bank Accounts, Paid Each Other’s Bills.

Mainstream Media Still Catching Up to Peter Schweizer’s Investigative Reporting.

Key Points

  • Mainstream media outlets are still catching up to the Joe and Hunter Biden story.
  • Peter Schweizer has been reporting on their financial entanglements for almost a year.
  • It’s possible that Joe Biden could be the target of an FBI probe.

Mainstream media outlets continue to break old news as the Biden family finances are dragged out into the light. The Daily Mail is now reporting an “EXCLUSIVE” story about Joe and Hunter’s SHARED (their caps) bank accounts – they even paid each other’s bills!

Color us…not surprised at all.

The Drill Down’s own Peter Schweizer has been diligently reporting on the Bidens questionable financial situation – including the Hunter/Joe connection and their business ties to China – for more than a year now. This latest bank account “revelation” is no different.

Last month while speaking with Laura Ingraham, Peter Schweizer shared the following: “If you go through the Hunter Biden emails, as I have been doing with the team for close to a year…What you find out very quickly is that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s finances are intertwined. They are not separate entities. There are numerous examples of Hunter Biden is paying bills for his father. Which, by the way, is not legal. Politicians can get occasional gifts from family members, but you cannot subsidize the lifestyle of a politician.”

There it is. Pretty cut and dry. Schweizer has been at this for a year. But there’s more.

While speaking with Maria Bartiromo last month, Peter spoke about Joe’s cell phone bills and the Bidens’ shared finances: “We know there were things like a private phone or several phones that Joe Biden had while he was vice president,” Schweizer continued. “The bill was three hundred plus dollars a month that was being paid by Hunter’s business. So we know at least tens of thousands of dollars of bills. Thus far. We’ve been paid and this is illegal. You cannot subsidize a family member in politics by paying their bills.”

As recently as last week, Peter was speaking about his Biden investigation and their ethics violations and flat-out corruption. Here’s what he said to Glenn Beck:

“One of the things that the emails confirm is that Hunter Biden & Joe Biden have intermingled finances,” Schweizer told Beck. “Lots of emails where… Hunter is actually paying his father’s bills.”

Now media outlets – and the Democratic Party – are worried. President Biden could be the target of an FBI probe. “President Joe Biden could become embroiled in an FBI investigation of Hunter’s finances, experts say, as emails reveal the father and son shared accounts and paid each other’s bills,” the Daily Mail reports.

An FBI probe, you say? We only have one question: what took so long?