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NEW: The Drill Down Podcast - Midterm Election Security

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The midterms are just around the corner, which means accusations of election tampering are picking up. As expected, liberals levy one genre of charges, and conservatives another. On the latest episode of the Drill Down podcast, Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers break it all down ahead of a hotly contested election season.

Across the country, select counties in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico have refused to certify primary elections over accusations of fraud. In Arizona, outgoing Republican Governor Doug Ducey lambasted his own party’s next gubernatorial nominee, Kari Lake, for repeating the false claim that the 2020 election was stolen.   Lake also hinted that the only way she could lose the primary race would be from fraud.

In other states, such as Pennsylvania, Republicans are trying to limit the injection of private money into the election process. Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg poured millions into election operations all across the country in 2020, which conservatives claim unfairly benefitted Democratic candidates.

Tensions will only rise as November approaches and old wounds from 2020 re-open.