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GREEN TO RED: Biden Sends More Cash to Beijing-Backed Green Energy Company.

LanzaTech Has Already Received $10M in Grants —Now They Have $1.6M More.

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This isn’t the first time The Drill Down has called out LanzaTech —a Beijing-backed green energy company that’s taken millions of dollars in taxpayer funds.

From C’MON MAN! Biden DOE Funneling Millions to Green Energy Company in China:

President Biden’s Department of Energy is funneling millions of dollars to a Beijing-backed green energy company Sinopec Capital via carbon capture company LanzaTech, federal spending disclosures reveal.

“LanzaTech represents the world-leading carbon recycling company. It is the strategic move for Sinopec Capital, through investment in LanzaTech, to invest in the biochemical value chain and debut in the international market of new energy and new materials.” said Huang Wensheng, Chairman of Sinopec Capital. “Capital investment plays an integral part in catalyzing the application and marketing of biotechnology while serving as an important way towards carbon capture, conversion and recycling. We at Sinopec Capital are committed to contribute to the transformation and upgrading of Sinopec Group, address climate change and deliver the target of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.”

In other words, China can’t wait for America to “go green” —it lines the CCP’s pockets.

Now, it’s being reported that despite warnings and concerns from the GOP over national security, the Biden Administration has continued to give taxpayer cash to LanzaTech.

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso wrote a letter last month to DOE Secretary Jennifer Granholm, expressing his concerns. “The awarding of these grants and loans,” Barrasso wrote, “directly impacts the national security of the United States.”

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton echoed Barrsson’s warning, accusing the DOE of “handing millions of taxpayer dollars to a Chinese-backed company” instead of encouraging “American energy production and energy independence.”

Barrasso says the latest $1.6M grant is “outrageous.”

“This isn’t about protecting the environment,” Barrasso told the Free Beacon. “The White House is using its far-left climate policies as an excuse to send taxpayer money to help countries that hate us.”

The move has caught the attention of the House Natural Resources Committee.

“If there’s evidence the Chinese government is funding their actions, we have to go after them,” committee chair Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-AR) said in December. “I don’t care what kind of group they are.”

Maybe the new Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party will help put a stop to the DOE’s reckless behavior.