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CASH FOR GAS: Watch Schweizer Blast Biden for Shady Burisma Dealings, 'Cut and Dry Corruption.'

Peter Schweizer Talks Timing of Hunter Biden Burisma Appointment.

During a recent appearance on The Next Revolution w/Steve Hilton, President of the Government Accountability Institute and New York Times best-selling author Peter Schweizer spoke about President Biden’s shady dealings with Ukraine energy company Burisma; “[it’s] cut and dry corruption, isn’t it,” Hilton asks Schweizer.

“I think it is, Steve —you’re absolutely right. Let’s be clear —it’s not a sufficient defense to say ‘yeah, my family got money but I would have made that same decision even if we had not received the money,'” Schweizer says. “The timing is very clear…Biden became point person on Ukraine policy from Barack Obama after Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in February 2014. Within THREE WEEKS within that appointment, his son is put on the board of Burisma [with no experience].”

Watch the clip above.