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EGGERS: 'The Idea That the DOJ Was Biased Against Hunter Biden is Laughable' [WATCH]

Vice President of the Government Accountability Institute and co-host of The Drill Down podcast Eric Eggers guested on Centerpoint on TBN to react to the latest developments with the Biden family corruption investigation.

Host Joe Gumm asks Eggers about Hunter Biden’s claim that the DOJ was biased against him while House investigators say Biden was treated with “kid gloves.”

“I hope that people can realize that the investigation —steps were skipped —because of the last name Biden,” Eggers tells Gumm. “I think when a lot of these steps were being taken, it wasn’t the official Biden White House at the time —he was President-elect Biden,” Eggers says. “We know that [the DOJ] wasn’t allowed to collect certain information.”

“The FBI had this thing for a year ahead of the 2020 election. So the idea, as Hunter Biden is alleging, that the DOJ was biased against is laughable on the face and I think is quite tragic for the trajectory of the country.”

Watch the clip above.