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EGGERS ON SCHMITT: 'Joe Biden Has No Choice But to Lie' [WATCH]

Vice President of the Government Accountability Institute and co-host of The Drill Down podcast Eric Eggers guested on Rob Schmitt Tonight to chat with host Rob Schmitt about the latest developments in the Biden family corruption investigation.

With Biden’s support collapsing in key demographics, and polls hitting all-time lows, Schmitt asks Eggers what all this means —and if the corruption investigation is playing a role.

“I think it’s quite significant…Joe Biden has no choice but to lie. I think it’s worth asking the question why does he think he would be able to get away with lying that he had no contact with Hunter’s business associates despite newly uncovered emails…we have Hunter Biden’s best friend Devon Archer testifying to the House Committee a while ago that Joe Biden was on the phone with Hunter and Devon’s business associates.”

Watch the clip above.