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EGGERS ON KELLY: 'It's About Bribery Plain and Simple, from Foreign Governments' to the Bidens [WATCH]

Vice President of the Government Accountability Institute and co-host of The Drill Down podcast Eric Eggers guested on Newsmax to chat with Greg Kelly about the latest developments in the Biden family corruption investigation.

Kelly asks Eggers about the $3,900 from Hunter Biden’s Owasco P.C. to Joe Biden’s bank account; the Bidens say it was reimbursement for a car loan.

“It’s important to zoom out…what it speaks to is the direct relationship between Joe Biden’s personal finances and Hunter Biden’s international business deals,” Eggers says.

“When money goes from Joe Biden to Hunter Biden, it’s not just about a truck; it’s not just about $3,900 dollars; it’s about bribery plain and simple from the foreign governments to the family of the President of the United States.”

Watch the clip above.