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Derailed: Infrastructure Amendment Could Reallocate Amtrak Funds to the Border

Senator Marsha Blackburn Introduces the $1 Billion Change

Photo for: Derailed: Infrastructure Amendment Could Reallocate Amtrak Funds to the Border

Key Points

“I am not for the Green New Deal and wasting money,” says Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN).

The bi-partisan, trillion-dollar infrastructure bill is chock-full of boondoggle projects, one of which gives Biden’s beloved Amtrak billions of dollars. Biden has a long history with the rail-travel service, riding back and forth to Delaware during his days in the Senate.

(Hunter Biden also served on Amtrak’s board, even though his only “experience” was that of the commuter variety. Wonder how he landed that gig.)

Senator Blackburn spoke out against Amtrak’s big payday, saying “ The American people should not be forced to foot the bill for Joe Biden’s pet project. If Joe Biden truly cared about infrastructure, he would build the wall at our southern border. Instead, Biden spent hundreds of millions of dollars to not build a wall and allow illegal aliens to flood into our country.”

A valid point, considering the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol reported more than 200,000 encounters in the month of July alone – the highest monthly number in two decades.

The bill is more than likely headed to the houses next week, but amendments are coming in fast, and Blackburn isn’t the only one trying to fix Biden’s border crisis. Senator Ron Johnson (R – WI) introduced an amendment to prohibit the cancellation of border contracts – it was voted down.

“Every town is a border town, and every state is a border state because of this open southern border,” Blackburn said, justifying moving funds to the border.