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Infrastructure Madness: Trucking, Gender Identity and Pollinator-Friendly Plants

The Strange Items Buried Deep in the Depths of the Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Bill

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Key Points

People are starting to dive into the 2,700-page, trillion-dollar Infrastructure bill. And while it includes the standard infrastructure fare – billions of dollars for roads, bridges, airports, water systems, etc. – it also includes some strange policy initiatives.

First, the government really wants more women in trucks.

The bill highlights that women make up 47% of the workforce, but just 6.6% of truckers. “The trucking industry should explore every opportunity to encourage and support the pursuit and retention of careers in trucking by women, including through programs that support recruitment, driver training, and mentorship,” the bill says.

The term “Gender Identity” is also used in the bill. Senator Josh Halloway (R-MO) highlighted the section on Twitter, saying “Now gender identity is in infrastructure. Can’t wait to see what else is in the bill.”

Next, a little something for the bees. Yes, bees.

In an effort to curtail invasive species and promote the propagation of native plants, the infrastructure bill is throwing cash at “native plants and wildflowers, including those that are pollinator-friendly” for use in transportation projects.

There’s a lot of environmental language in this “roads and bridges” bill.

So, the bill addresses America’s “women in trucking” problem(?) and allocates money to combat the influence of “Big Insect” – what else is buried within the depths of the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill?

We’ll keep digging. Stay tuned.