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Biden’s Tax and Climate Bill Doubles the Size of the Democrat-friendly IRS Union.

The Inflation Reduction Act Puts the IRS in the Pockets of the Democrats.

Photo for: Biden’s Tax and Climate Bill Doubles the Size of the Democrat-friendly IRS Union.

As previously reported by The Drill Down, the Biden Administration is turning the IRS into a bunch of Stallones and Schwarzeneggers; they’re cleared for audits and assassinations, now! Okay, not actual assassinations, but they are being armed and trained in combat.

And presumably being prepped for some mission involving 4506-T forms and high-value targets.

But while Biden’s tax and climate bill, otherwise known as the Inflation Reduction Act despite any confidence of actual reduction of inflation, doubles the size of the IRS —and arms them —it also has the potential to massively expand the IRS union. Why is this a problem?

Endorsements and donations.

The National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) represents about 70,000 IRS employees currently —with the $80 billion cash injection, it could be much more. This union primarily, historically, donates to Democratic candidates.

According to Fox News, “The NTEU’s PAC has donated predominantly to Democratic politicians in previous cycles through its political action committee. The union’s PAC gave around $590,000 to help Democrats seeking election in 2020 compared to $18,000 donated to Republicans, according to OpenSecrets.”

“In the 2022 cycle so far, the NTEU PAC has dropped over $200,000 supporting 100 Democrats in the House and in the 10 Senate as well as several Democratic committees, and just $2,500 supporting two House Republicans, OpenSecrets shows.”

“Our union’s political action committee, which only accepts voluntary donations from members and is not funded by union dues, has a policy of supporting candidates who support federal employees and their ability to deliver services. Historically, the PAC has donated to Democratic, Republican and independent candidates in races across the country,” NTEU national president Tony Reardon said in a statement shared with Fox News Digital.

Still, just playing the numbers —which many IRS fellows are known to do —this represents a dramatic tip of the scale further in favor of Democratic candidates.

“NTEU’s decision to support the 10-year, $80 billion investment in the IRS, as contained in the Inflation Reduction Act, is based entirely on the plan’s ability to rebuild the agency and give the public servants who work there the resources they need to make the IRS the most efficient and effective tax administration system in the world,” Reardon said.

Okay, fine —but the Inflation Reduction Act is primarily a party-line bill and Democrats just dropped $80 billion in your pocket, Mr. Reardon.

Is the NTEU the next American Federation of Teachers? We’ll see.