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Fox Guarding the Hen House: China-Loving Donilon to Rep. U.S. Interests.

Soft-on-China State Official to Advise on ‘Strategic Competition’ with Beijing.

Photo for: Fox Guarding the Hen House: China-Loving Donilon to Rep. U.S. Interests.

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a China lover in the Biden Administration…

According to a report from The Washington Free Beacon, the State Department, in its infinite wisdom, has appointed former BlackRock Investment Institute chairman and Obama administration national security adviser Tom Donilon to advise on “strategic competition” with Beijing.

Thanks, Obama…

So Blinken and his boys thought Donilon was the right man for the job, despite the fact that he chairs an investment think tank that urged Americans to triple their investments in China, according to the WFB. More investments, more money, more ties, more Peter Schweizer books!

Okay, maybe that last one’s not so bad.

Donilon’s appointment, quite plainly, presents a conflict of interest. Look no further than BlackRock’s view on “strategic competition” with China: it’s bad for their bottom line.

“Strategic competition between the U.S. and China and resulting tensions have also contributed to uncertainty in the geopolitical and regulatory landscapes,” reads BlackRock’s most recent annual report. “The firm listed U.S.-Chinese competition as a factor that could hurt its revenue and profit. BlackRock opened a mutual fund in China in September, making it the first American firm approved to sell financial products there,” WFB reports.

So Donilon doesn’t necessarily think competing with China is…ya know…good —even though they are our biggest adversary on the world stage. But looking past that (if you even can) you’ll find that Donilon is also pro-China in many areas —even heralded in a CCP paper.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Donilon has sided with China in the debate over tariffs imposed during the Trump administration. He chided government officials in 2019 about the tariffs and inaccurately warned that they would cause a global recession.

“Future generations of Americans will judge today’s leaders harshly for squandering this moment,” Donilon wrote in an article touted by China Daily, a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party.

Tariffs “are hurting U.S. businesses, consumers, and farmers,” Donilon wrote. “They are alienating U.S. allies. And, analysts warn, they are increasing the risk of a global recession.”.

This is the guy? This is who we chose? Someone get State on the phone and tell them now’s not the time for soft-on-China, CCP mouthpieces