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This ongoing Government Accountability Institute (GAI) analysis will reveal the business dealings of President Joe Biden’s family by exposing Hunter Biden’s first-hand documents and correspondences. The emails combine to paint a picture that we will call the “Biden Business Model.”

The following emails come from Hunter Biden’s personal laptop and they are currently in the possession of the FBI. The laptop files were provided to media organizations by the owner of a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware, who claims that Hunter Biden abandoned the device.

GAI will be releasing these explosive Biden emails on a rolling basis, so be sure to bookmark this page, check back regularly and share this link with all your family and friends:

EMAIL REVELATION #11: Hunter leveraged Joe’s role as VP to seek deals with Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim—and Joe knew all about it.


In November of 2015, Hunter Biden and his business partner, Jeff Cooper, appear in a photograph with VP Joe Biden and Mexican Billionaire, Carlos Slim, taken at the VP’s residence in Washington DC. Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop show that earlier in 2015, Hunter had exchanged emails with his Uncle Jim (Joe’s brother) about a deal that would involve Slim and Pemex, a Mexican state-owned oil and gas company.

Hunter had visited Mexico several times between 2011 and 2015 and held meetings with Slim’s sons, but in February 2016, Hunter made his last recorded flight to Mexico City aboard Air Force Two accompanied by Cooper and his dad. Emails from the laptop do not provide any details about the trip.

However, in 2018, text messages on the laptop show that Hunter was still trying to strike deals with Slim. Despite Joe’s claim that he never had discussions with Hunter about his business dealings, Hunter texted Cooper on July 24, 2018.

EMAIL REVELATION #10: Joe Biden Reportedly Wrote a Recommendation Letter For Hunter’s Chinese Business Partner


In 2017, Jonathan Li sent an email regarding a college recommendation letter to Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden’s long-time associate. He indicated that Hunter Biden asked him to forward a copy of this letter to Schwerin and stated that the letter was written by the former Vice President for Li’s son’s application to Brown University.

Jonathan Li was one of Hunter Biden’s original partners in facilitating the BHR Chinese equity deal. This seems to be an explicit favor by Vice President Biden for a business partner of Hunter Biden’s.

To this day, President Biden continues to claim that he never discussed business with his son. This assertion proves difficult to believe considering we have evidence of the President writing a recommendation letter for one of his son’s most prominent partners. In addition to this, according to Peter Schweizer’s Red-Handed, Hunter Biden also admitted that he introduced his father to Li in the lobby of their hotel on a 2013 trip to China.

This email further indicates the close relationship between Hunter Biden and his businesses with his father, Joe Biden.

EMAIL REVELATION #9: Hunter Biden and Business Partners Sought Putin-Linked Investments, Called Russian Oligarch a “Genius” for Investing in Biden, Inc.


On December 17, 2014, Hunter Biden emailed a New York Times article to his longtime business partner, Devon Archer. Hunter Biden sent the article, remarking on Putin’s “virtually unchallenged power to reward a new class of oligarchs,” and simultaneous ability to “punish those who oppose him.”

Archer replied, “He should have invested with us when he had the chance. Yelena looks like a genius next to the rest of these folks.” It is unclear who Archer is referring to when he wrote “He should have invested with us when he had the chance.” Was Archer referring to a Putin-linked oligarch or perhaps even Vladimir Putin himself?

Once of the oligarchs mentioned in the New York Times article that Archer may have been referring to is Vladimir Yevtushenkov. Yevtushenkov is one of the the richest oligarchs in Russia and, according to Schweizer’s Clinton Cash, his company, Sistema, helped finance Russia’s nuclear conglomerate, Rosatom, in 2009–ahead of the Uranium One takeover.


EMAIL REVELATION #8: Russian Oligarchs and Ukrainian Gas Executive Invited to be Hunter’s Private Dinner Guests


Hunter Biden invited the former mayor of Moscow and his wife, billionaire Russian oligarch Elena Baturina, to a private dinner event in Washington, D.C. Biden also invited a representative for the corrupt Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, named Vadym Pozharskyi.

An email from Hunter’s laptop shows that on March 20, 2015, Hunter contacted his longtime business partner, Devon Archer, informing Archer that Russian oligarch Elena Baturina and her husband had seats at Biden and Archer’s private dinner table. Hunter sent the full guest list, which included other unnamed individuals, to Archer informing him the dinner would be on April 16, 2015.

Archer replied that Baturina and her husband did not want to steal the thunder of another attendee but “she’ll be in town to meet with us.” “We could insist [that Baturina attend],” Archer said before the conversation shifted focus to the Burisma representative: Vadym Pozharskyi.

Then-Vice President Joe Biden reportedly stopped by the dinner event and met with at least two of Hunter Biden’s business associates including the Burisma representative.


EMAIL REVELATION #7: Hunter Biden cannot believe how much the “Super Chairman” has offered him.


Beginning in 2010, Hunter Biden partnered with the Thornton Group to explore investment opportunities in China. A major facilitator of that investment was Che Feng, known as the Super Chairman. Che is a Chinese businessman who had connections to Chinese intelligence. As previously mentioned in this series, he would be instrumental in helping to form Bohai Harvest RST, a private investment fund backed by some of China’s largest government-linked financial institutions.



In this email, Hunter Biden discusses the scope of the deal with his partner, Devon Archer. Apparently, Hunter stood to make more money than he originally thought. Hunter also saw the opportunity to exploit this close connection with the Chinese state-backed entities in order to gain influence with the businessmen in the West. Clearly, the deal being offered by the Chinese would benefit Hunter Biden in many ways.

EMAIL REVELATION #6: Hunter doesn’t believe in lottery tickets anymore, only the Chinese Super Chairman. 


Beginning in 2010, Hunter Biden partnered with the Thornton Group to explore investment opportunities in China. A major facilitator of that investment was Che Feng, known as the Super Chairman. Che is a Chinese businessman who had connections to Chinese intelligence. He would be instrumental in helping to form Bohai Harvest RST, a private investment fund backed by some of China’s largest government-linked financial institutions.

In this email, Hunter Biden says that he believes in the Super Chairman more than lottery tickets. In other words, the benefits from this deal are almost too good to be true. Hunter and his partner Devon Archer stood to gain immensely from the Super Chairman’s contacts and this proposed business deal.


EMAIL REVELATION #5: Hunter’s Exploits are Renowned the World Over… Even in Qatar!


In December 2014, David Wittig — an aspiring business partner of Hunter Biden’s — sent an email response to Hunter to set up a time to discuss their potential business venture.

Wittig, who was in Qatar at the time, mentioned in passing that “they love the Biden name here.”


Though brief, this email exposes the Biden Business Model. As we will show, the Biden name is a central component to Hunter Biden’s business dealings and, by extension, the financial support of his father.

As we will see in the coming weeks, partners from all over the world, and especially from China, flock to the Biden name, each with their own motives for doing business with the son of the Vice President.

EMAIL REVELATION #4: Hunter’s Business Partners Boast of “Direct…Pipeline” to Obama-Biden Administration


The Biden Business Model works because of the Biden name and the power to which it is connected. In 2014, Joe Biden was in his second term as Vice President under President Obama. As mentioned last week, Devon Archer and partners were discussing new business ventures that would involve Hunter Biden. In this email, Jason Galanis — an associate of Hunter’s — reminds Archer of the “other currency” that the partners were bringing to the table in their deals, a “direct administration pipeline.”

In other words, Galanis and Archer knew their connection to Hunter Biden and the access to the administration that he provided via his father would be “currency” the partners could use to sweeten the deal for potential partners.

Next, we will see how the Biden name is known all around the world, both for the political figures it is associated with, and what it means for business.


EMAIL REVELATION #3: How Hunter Biden’s Partners Traded on the ‘Biden’ Name.


Email Revelations #1 and #2 explored the mingling of Joe and Hunter Biden’s finances through Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca Partners. But the Biden Business Model has another component: trading on the Biden name.

In this email, Hunter’s Rosemont associates discuss which corporate vehicle they should use for a new business venture. The partners need the Rosemont name, so that they can get “the Biden lift,” as described by Hunter’s long-time business partner, Devon Archer, who was later convicted of committing fraud.



What else could this mean other than the benefit of having the Biden name attached to your business deal? They decided that Rosemont Seneca Partners — jointly owned by Hunter Biden and Archer — would be their corporate vehicle so that Hunter could receive financial benefit, the Biden name could be exploited, and Chris Heinz (John Kerry’s risk-averse stepson) would be excluded.

In the Biden Business Model, the Biden name is all-important. Our next revelation will show that the Biden name comes with something else: access to the highest levels of government.


EMAIL REVELATION #2: Hunter and his business partner paid Joe Biden’s bills while he was Vice President. Is this even legal?


In the last email (Email Revelation #1 below), we saw that in 2010, Hunter Biden’s right-hand man, Eric Schwerin, discussed payments for then-Vice President Biden’s mortgage and his “future earnings potential.” The mortgage was not the only bill Schwerin discussed paying for Joe.



In June 2010 (just one month before the “future earnings potential” discussion), Schwerin emailed Hunter about outstanding bills from work by contractors on his father’s properties, as reported by the New York Post. In his follow-up email to that initial request, Schwerin tells Hunter Biden that he is “paying a couple of the smaller things” since he had not heard from Joe Biden.

Why is Eric Schwerin, a business partner of Hunter Biden, paying contractors for their work on Joe Biden’s properties? There seems to be no answer except that Joe and Hunter Biden’s finances are intimately intertwined, both personally and with Hunter Biden’s businesses. This is the Biden Business Model.


EMAIL REVELATION #1: Hunter Biden’s business partner discusses VP Joe Biden’s mortgage and his “future earnings potential.”


In July 2010, Vice President Joe Biden was less than halfway through his first term. Nevertheless, his son, Hunter, and his son’s close confidants were already occupied with Joe’s finances and thinking about his “future earnings potential.”

In fact, Joe Biden had just called Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden’s right-hand man and a founding partner of Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca Partners. The subject of the call? Joe Biden’s mortgage. Schwerin relayed to Hunter Biden that his father could “use some positive news about his future earnings potential!!” It is clear from this email above that the Vice President’s financial interests were intimately intertwined with those of his son, Hunter.

What exactly could the Vice President be “earning” while in office?

A few months before this email, Hunter Biden began exploring “business opportunities” in China. Could these opportunities have provided the funds for his father?

This is just one of the many emails that document the intermingling of Hunter’s and Joe Biden’s finances… while Joe was in office!

Stay tuned for more.


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