The Bidens “Run a Very Sophisticated Criminal Enterprise”

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Despite Joe Biden’s mumbling and stumbling, the checkered pasts of brothers Frank and James Biden, and the lurid, embarrassing details found on Hunter Biden’s laptop documenting his drug addictions and frequenting of prostitutes, the Biden family “actually run a very sophisticated and, I would argue, criminal enterprise that is designed to extract wealth and to leverage Joe’s power, but to keep him at arm’s length so that it is harder to connect him to it,” says investigative journalist Peter Schweizer.

The Biden family got rich by leveraging Joe’s rising political power while keeping him at arm’s length from the lucre, Schweizer says on the most recent episode of The Drill Down podcast.

Their far-flung enterprise made them millions by doing influence deals in countries not known for their ethical hang-ups — places like Kazakhstan, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, and of course, China. Some see this as just a symptom of a larger problem of corruption within the permanent governing class in Washington, but today’s guest, Alex Marlow, the senior editor of Breitbart News, disagrees.

“Joe Biden is not a ‘symptom’ of the problem. He is the problem,” Marlow tells Schweizer and co-host Eric Eggers of the Government Accountability Institute.

Breaking Biden by Alex Marlow

Breaking Biden by Alex Marlow

Marlow is most recently the author of Breaking Biden, a New York Times bestseller that extends Schweizer’s own earlier research on Biden. Inc. and breaks new ground in the ongoing investigation of Joe Biden that has now become an impeachment inquiry in the US House of Representatives.

Brother James, who was previously a nightclub owner, managed to become a partner in a company bidding on reconstruction projects around the world. Marlow quotes from Schweizer’s 2020 book, Profiles in Corruption: “James Biden remained with Hill International, which accumulated contracts from the federal government for dozens of projects, including projects in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mozambique, and elsewhere.”

Joe’s other brother Frank meanwhile was turning deals with the government of Costa Rica, when he wasn’t dodging the $450,000 settlement of a wrongful death lawsuit after his speeding Jaguar XK8 car killed a pedestrian in California in 1999. Schweizer notes on the podcast that brother Joe actually helped Frank hide from the investigators who were looking into that incident at the time.

Marlow’s new book goes further, explaining the secret cadre of consultants who are running Joe Biden’s Washington, how Biden sold America’s intellectual property to communist China, and the many ways Bidens’ bag cash using the family name.

He remains guardedly optimistic about the current investigation by the House Oversight Committee, because while it has spent a lot of time getting testimony from the lower bosses of the Biden Inc. syndicate, what he calls “the capos,” he believes there are many more answers to get from the principals if Congress gets serious about hauling them before the committee.

“I have a million questions to ask, if anyone out there wants to reach out,” Alex said. “I’d be asking ‘What did you do for these companies, James?’ What did you do for these companies, Frank?’ What did you do for these companies, Hunter?’” he added.

Schweizer agreed with that, complimented Marlow for “out-researching me,” and noted that the answers to these questions on the Biden family business empire have been hanging loose for more than five years.

“These are insane loose ends for this country,” Marlow concluded.