CALLING OUT CHINA: Former DEA Agent Derek Maltz Praises Schweizer’s "Blood Money"

Show Notes

Government Accountability Institute president and New York Times bestselling author Peter Schweizer continues to draw high praise for his latest book Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans.

One of the book’s main themes is China’s direct involvement in the fentanyl crisis. In interviews, Schweizer has called the Mexican cartels, who traffick the drug into the US, China’s “junior partners,” since China produces and ships the necessary chemicals to Mexico, along with pill presses that counterfeit legitimate medicines. China now also launders drug money for the cartels through Chinese banks, and it provides them communications technology to evade US drug enforcement.

Schweizer’s book names this strategy after a Chinese proverb: “Murder with a borrowed knife.”

This week on The Drill Down podcast, Schweizer and co-host Eric Eggers speak to former Special Agent in Charge of Special Operations at the Department of Justice and the Chief of the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force Derek Maltz. In his work, Maltz saw that “borrowed knife” from the sharp end.

Maltz has high praise for Schweizer’s book, saying, “I was so excited to see somebody put the entire picture together” when it comes to China’s role in America’s fentanyl crisis.

Schweizer asks Maltz when US law enforcement first noticed the fentanyl crisis in his work.

“When I was in charge of the DEA Special Operations Division around 2008, 2009, we started seeing the initiation of a chemical attack on our country from synthetic drugs, specifically synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic cathinones known as bath salts.”

“We really didn’t know what it was,” Maltz continues. “We had some very significant operations — Project Synergy and Operation Logjam — and we actually exposed how these chemicals were being produced in laboratories in China and sent to America… We started seeing Americans getting poisoned. We started seeing some crazy reactions on the streets, things I’ve never seen.”

“It was illicit fentanyl coming out of the labs in China,” Maltz confirms.

In the later years of his time at the DEA, Maltz began to see additional drugs such as “tranq” coming into the US market.

“Those are 20 times more powerful chemicals coming out of Chinese labs being sold for a limited amount of money,” Maltz confirms. “Look at xylazine, the horse tranquilizer, causing necrosis, causing people to rot from inside out in the streets of America. That’s coming also from the Chinese labs. And that’s in every state now. The DEA just did a recent analysis where they’re seeing more and more xylazine, the horse tranquilizer, in the fentanyl. So yes, it’s a chemical weapons attack.”

“And shame on the government for not stepping up.”

Maybe all government officials will read Blood Money — available now!