BRUNER: FBI Corruption “Goes All the Way to the Top”

Show Notes

Seamus Bruner, Director of Research at the Government Accountability Institute, says on the latest episode of the Drill Down podcast that FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Congressional testimony last week only confirms Bruner’s own research into the Bureau. “The past four FBI directors have all been involved in some kind of political scandal, weaponizing the Bureau against political opponents,” Bruner tells host Eric Eggers. 

The two GAI investigators note that the last few weeks have not been good for the FBI. New findings from two congressional inquiries have exposed several instances where FBI personnel actively impeded investigations and tipped off Hunter Biden’s attorneys to a planned search of a storage facility belonging to him.  

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) challenged current FBI Director Christopher Wray last week about approving surveillance of parents who spoke up against policy decisions at local school board meetings and about a local field office’s surveillance conducted against Latin-Mass Catholics as possible “domestic terrorists.” 

Now there are further revelations that the FBI colluded with a foreign government – Ukraine – to silence Americans on social media. The House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on the “weaponization” of the federal government reported last week that the FBI facilitated censorship requests coming from Ukraine’s own intelligence service (SBU), passing them along to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. “In so doing, the FBI violated the First Amendment rights of Americans and potentially undermined our national security,” the committee’s report said. 

Bruner, author of Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption,” has been reviewing the committee reports, and concludes, “Getting to the bottom of all this, we see that it goes all the way to the top.” 

“Eighty percent of GOP voters believe that the 2024 election is also going to have nefarious involvement by the FBI,” he adds “That’s a big problem. When Americans can’t trust both their elections and their law enforcement, they don’t have a whole lot of options”.