Biden-Connected Chinese Gangster Left Off Sanctions List

Show Notes

The Government Accountability Institute just discovered that one of the most notorious Chinese gangsters, a man known as “White Wolf,” was somehow left off a 2021 executive order by President Joe Biden listing persons and companies sanctioned against doing business here. That may be because “White Wolf” has connections.

Peter Schweizer and co-host Eric Eggers welcome Price Sukhia, the GAI researcher who made this discovery, to the most recent episode of The Drill Down. Price’s article, linked above, was also published by The Daily Caller.

Before the Biden administration issued its executive order, Zhang Anle, (White Wolf’s real name) was already a convicted international drug trafficker and former Chinese Triad gang leader. He served 10 years in a US prison after a conviction for smuggling 300 kilos of heroin into the country. Yet, somehow, his name did not make it into the presidential sanctions list, known in DC as the “Entity List,” used to prevent known international criminals and companies that threaten national security or have engaged in espionage from operating in the US.

Schweizer said, “people always ask me, ‘What are these foreign entities getting from the Bidens in exchange for this money?’ Well, one real possibility is exclusion from the sanctions list,” he added.

White Wolf was a business partner of Hunter Biden’s associate, Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC China Energy Company. White Wolf and Ye created a joint petroleum company in partnership with a Chinese state-owned entity in 2010. Additionally, a pro-Beijing unification political party in Taiwan founded and run by White Wolf has ties to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) United Front activities, with which Ye has also been associated.

Sukhia and other GAI researchers look for these kinds of intricate details, something the corporate press no longer seems interested in doing.

Peter Schweizer’s newly published bestselling book, Blood Money, gives further details of how Ye and CEFC “showered the Bidens with money” in 2017. White Wolf’s business partner had been filling the Biden family’s coffers with more than $5 million worth of loans, cash transfers and other gifts, including a three-carat, $80,000 diamond given directly to Hunter Biden.

Besides drug trafficking, “White Wolf” has engaged in kidnapping and extortion. He has deep ties to the United Bamboo Gang (UBG), Taiwan’s largest criminal Triad. He was the group’s leader in the US before his incarceration. Schweizer’s book details how UBG set the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel up to become the “King of Fentanyl.”

Schweizer says what makes the corruption problem so hard to stop is that the favors done are never obvious and public. They are always small but important actions that take place out of public view, deep in the weeds of the Washington swamp. It takes relentless effort to dig through that to find stories like the favor done for White Wolf by the Biden administration.

Fortunately, though, he adds, “Price lives in the weeds, too.”