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You Call That Cracking Down? Biden’s Border Order Doesn’t Go Far Enough.

‘Like trying to plug the leak on the Titanic with chewing gum; too little too late.’

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With the election just five months out and the border continuing to poll highly among critical voter issues, President Biden has finally decided to do what he told Americans he couldn’t do all along: attempt to fix the border with the stroke of a pen.

President Biden announced an executive order on Tuesday in hopes of stopping the flow of illegal migration pouring across the southern border.

According to The New York Post, “The order, due to take effect immediately, will bar additional illegal immigrants from applying for asylum during periods of heavy traffic, but would lift those restrictions two weeks after daily crossings average 1,500 per day for seven days.”

“Even if migration is limited to 2,500 per day for a full calendar year, the number of crossings would reach 912,500.”

Some estimates put crossings as high as 1.8 million even after the order.

Prominent GOP voices and border agents are already blasting Biden’s order as too little, too late; not enough; like plugging a small hole in a sinking Titanic.

“It’s way too little too late. He’s trying to act tough on the border but we know he’s been the most open border administration ever,” one border agent said.

“What a joke. Like that’s going to stop them. He can enact whatever he wants. Until we deport everyone that crosses or imprison them, it won’t stop,” a second agent said of Biden’s new plan.

“It’s way too little, too late. Nothing more than virtue signaling,” a third agent said.

“At the start of his presidency, Biden inherited the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years,” said Texas Senator Ted Cruz. “All he had to do was NOTHING — just sit and leave the border alone. Instead, he deliberately broke the system.”

“President Biden is in trouble politically in part because he gave in to the loon wing of his party and dissolved the southern border,” Louisiana Senator John Kennedy said during a press conference. “Now—5 months before an election—he has to pretend to be willing to secure the border.”

“126 days ago, Joe Biden stated, ‘I’ve done all I can do’ to fix the border catastrophe. Today, [he announced] an executive action using the same authority he denied having,” House Speaker Mike Johnson shared on X. “If he was actually concerned about our wide-open border, he would have acted a long time ago.”

Tough to argue with Mr. Johnson’s logic, there.