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WHICH IS IT, MR. PRESIDENT?! Biden Admits Border Isn’t Secure, Cuts Razor Wire Days Later.

Scotus Rules in Favor of the Biden Admin Tearing Down Texas Border Protections.

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More than 300,000 illegal migrants crossed the southern border in December 2023. The House GOP is preparing to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas by the end of the month. Record numbers of migrants on the terror watch list are being detained in Texas.

…and President Biden is finally admitting publicly that there is a problem at the border. Biden was asked last week if the border was secure.

“No, it’s not,” Biden said. “I believe we need significant policy changes at the border, including changes in our asylum system to ensure that we have the authorities we need to control the border. I’m ready to act,” the president added.

But then, Biden pivoted to blaming House Speaker Mike Johnson and the GOP.

“Now the question is for the [House] Speaker [Mike Johnson] and the House Republicans: Are they ready to act as well?” Biden continued.

“They have to choose whether they want to solve a problem or keep weaponizing the issue to score political points against the president. I’m ready to solve the problem. I really am,” he added. “Massive changes, and I mean it sincerely.”

But is President Biden really ready to do what it takes to fix immigration and secure the border? Just days after his comments, the Supreme Court sided with his administration, empowering it to remove the razor wire keeping communities safer along the Texas border in Eagle Pass.

From Fox News:

In court papers, the Biden administration argued that the wire impedes Border Patrol agents from reaching migrants as they cross the river and that, in any case, federal immigration laws trumps Texas’ own efforts to stem the flow of migrants into the country.

In a 5-4 vote Monday, the justices granted an emergency appeal from the Biden administration, which has been in an escalating standoff at the border with Texas and had objected to an appellate ruling in favor of the state.

The Biden Administration is also challenging other Texas border enforcement policies, including floating barriers in the Rio Grande as well as trespassing arrests of illegal immigrants.

Is Biden really ready to act? Or just trying to save face during an election year?