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Wall Street Nancy: Pelosi’s Husband Buys $2M in Tesla Stock as Dems Push Green Handouts

Just The Latest Example of the Pelosis Getting Rich From Up on the Hill.

Photo for: Wall Street Nancy: Pelosi’s Husband Buys $2M in Tesla Stock as Dems Push Green Handouts

Nancy and Paul Pelosi are making a killing on the Hill. If there’s a dime to be made on an inside trade, that’s where you’ll find Nancy and her husband Paul. Their corrupt trading practices have been well documented here on the DD and elsewhere — but here’s a reminder:

“The Pelosis participated in at least 10 IPOs,” GAI President Peter Schweizer told Jesse Watters on Fox News. “The fact that a politician’s family is allowed to participate in an investment that when it goes public generally doubles in value is a real indicator that there’s a problem.”

Most recently, and crazy enough not for the first time, Paul Pelosi “rolled the dice” on some Tesla stock. Since Pelosi’s purchase, Tesla’s share prices have increased nearly 19% to over $1,036 a share. Is he just that good? Or could there be something else at play.

It’s something else.

According to the Daily Caller, “Over the last two months, a group of 23 Democrats asked Biden to stand firm on the $555 billion for climate action that had been included in the Build Back Better Act, and a group of 89 Democrats said the president should go further.”

“On March 17, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a group of 97 left-wing lawmakers, unveiled a sweeping climate agenda for the president to pursue,” DC adds.

“There is no people-centered agenda that doesn’t include aggressive, bold climate action and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels,” CPC said. “While the executive branch has made progress, there is more to do to meet this moment and lower costs by transitioning to clean energy.”

“Biden has [also] supported a series of green subsidies since taking office, including a $12,500 credit for consumers who purchase a new electric vehicle,” the DC reports.

Ah, okay. Now it makes sense —they’re cheating. Nancy manipulates the market while Paul vacuums up the affected stocks. Nice scam. But not an original —they’ve run this grift before.

Last year, Paul Pelosi’s Tesla options got a similar boost from Nancy.

Democrats proposed $120 billion to fund clean energy projects, and another $34.5 billion for zero-emission vehicles. “The reconciliation bill also proposes $42 billion in tax credits for purchases of electric vehicles, which Democrats hope will incentivize new car buyers to purchase electric vehicles instead of gas-powered cars,” Washington Free Beacon reported at the time.

Numerous bills making their way round the Capitol are attempting to ban members of Congress —and their family members —from trading stocks. Nancy, backed into a corner by bipartisan efforts, has acquiesced to such a ban.

“I do believe in the integrity of people in public service. I want the public to have that understanding,” Pelosi said last month. “We have to do something to deter something that we see as a problem, but it is a confidence issue, and if that’s what the members want to do, then that’s what we’ll do.”

So, what are we waiting for?