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Total Ship Show: Container Ships Waiting Off-Shore in California at All-Time High.

Harbors Appear Less Congested But Many Ships Are Waiting Just Out of Sight.

Photo for: Total Ship Show: Container Ships Waiting Off-Shore in California at All-Time High.

Key Points

  • Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors look less congested – but it’s just a new queue system.
  • Ships waiting off-shore are actually at an all-time high – more than 90 are delayed.
  • The Biden administration continues to ignore realities, putting ships out of sight, out of mind.

Looks can be deceiving. 

Billions of dollars in cargo delayed. 93 container ships stuck off the California coast . That’s the reality of the supply chain crisis. But recent photos tell a different story, showing less-congested harbors. It’s all thanks to a new queuing plan that keeps the ugly reminder out of sight.

The new queuing system…sharply [reduces] the number of container vessels waiting just offshore of Los Angeles/Long Beach, with the stated goal of cutting harmful emissions and enhancing safety during the winter months by spacing out the ships,” American Shipper reports.

A more cynical view has emerged: that an unstated goal is to erase a politically nettlesome photo op — attention-grabbing imagery of idle container ships stretching off into the distance.”

But is it really that cynical? Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been trying to put a shine on this disaster since returning from a months-long paternity leave. Here’s what Pete said: 

“As long as this pandemic continues, we’re going to see impacts on our supply chain. Right now, remember, we have record demand. That’s certainly encouraging signs in terms of people having more money in their pockets, and millions of more jobs are created.”

More money in their pockets…and rising inflation. Oh, and someone should tell Pete U.S. consumer confidence is at nine-month low, according to Reuters.

“Concerns about rising prices — and, to a lesser degree, the Delta variant — were the primary drivers of the slight decline in confidence,” said Lynn Franco, senior director of economic indicators at the board.

And, come on, Pete – “as long as the pandemic continues?” Democrats will never let it go. The Drill Down recently reported on the Biden administration’s inability to listen to scientists. The doctor who discovered the omicron variant said there was nothing to worry about – but here we are, implementing travel bans and encouraging people to mask up indoors again.

You can hide the ships and release sunny-side statements – Americans aren’t fooled. And they’ll prove it when the 2022 midterms roll around.