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The Twits Prepare: Tech Has Finger on ‘Disinformation’ Button as Midterms Near.

Twitter Will ‘Label and Demote Misinformation About the Upcoming US Elections.’

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The Elon Musk Twitter takeover was just a beautiful dream. What we’re left with —a bunch of disgruntled, progressive pronoun police who love nothing more than to tell you what to think. You know, what kind of humor is okay and which kinds of people you’re allowed to like.

Same as it ever was —but scarier.

“The mission of our civic integrity work is to protect the conversation on Twitter during elections or other civic processes,” according to Twitter.


According to a new report from Fox News, Twitter is “preparing” for midterm elections by “label[ing] and demot[ing] misinformation about the upcoming US elections.” So while the Disinformation Governance Board is dead, censorship is most certainly not.

The Conservative crackdown is back —with a vengeance.

“For years, hiding behind Section 230, Twitter has abused its power to impact elections, manipulate public discourse, and disparage patriotic Americans,” Fox reports. “So, before anyone falls for Twitter’s election integrity Trojan horse, again, let us not forget why Twitter isn’t trustworthy enough to be the arbiter of what constitutes misinformation.”

Two words: Hunter Biden.

In the month leading up to the 2020 election, Twitter buried the Hunter Biden laptop From Hell™ story, calling it misinformation —possibly Russian (boogeyman) information. They censored the story and prevented users from sharing it, potentially influencing the outcome of the election.

But we should trust them this time because…?

How about earlier this year, when Twitter suspended then-U.S. Senate candidate Vicky Hartzler after she tweeted, “Women’s sports are for women, not men pretending to be women.”

We can’t have that! You can say whatever you want on Twitter as long as Twitter agrees.

Beware the leftist dark money that comes in by the boatloads to dock at Big Tech companies during election season —in fact, it may be safer to just delete Twitter altogether.