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The Spy Who Fed Me: Spies and Terrorists Posing as DoorDash Drivers for Espionage.

Chinese and Iranian Nationals Use Gig Economy to Gain Access to Classified Areas.

Photo for: The Spy Who Fed Me: Spies and Terrorists Posing as DoorDash Drivers for Espionage.

During a recent interview with The Daily Mail, House Oversight Committee member Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) revealed that America’s enemies are now turning to gig economy jobs like Uber and DoorDash to gain entry to otherwise classified military areas in the U.S.

In fact, Chinese nationals tried at least 100 times to enter U.S. military bases and related installations last year. And it’s not just China; Iran and Russia are employing similar strategies.

“There have been reports of Russians, there have been reports of Iranians, there have been reports of people from throughout the Middle East – people who are members of terrorist organizations – also being caught near military bases,” Grothman told The Daily Mail.

While Grothman did not confirm which terror groups have been identified he did confirm more will be discussed during a classified House Oversight Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs hearing this week.

“There have been reports that off of our military bases … that we have had foreign nationals here taking pictures and recording what’s going on,” Grothman added, saying the foreign nationals “maybe getting jobs as DoorDash or something or other and then poking around, seeing what they can find out.”

Attempts by foreign nationals to disguise themselves as delivery workers is relatively new, according to Grothman. “It’s not something that we believe was going on a very significant degree just a few years ago,” he said. ‘So this [is] new stuff.”

Grothman also says the committee is concerned about the alarming number of Chinese nationals pouring across the southern border.

“When you’re talking about the number of Chinese coming across the southern border, not that they’re all here doing intelligence research, but when it goes up by a factor of 80 in one year, you’ve got to wonder what’s going on here.”

Since October, more than 25,000 Chinese nationals have been encountered at President Biden’s wide-open southern border, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) numbers.

“There’s no time more tempting for foreign countries to come in here and say, ‘let’s poke around and get information on American military bases.’”

Mr. Grothman’s right. But with this President and this Congress, not much will be done.