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The Drill Down: John Podesta Returns to the White House

Photo for: The Drill Down: John Podesta Returns to the White House

John Podesta. Does that name ring a bell? What about his brother, Tony? The Podesta brothers are two of the most influential and integrated people in Washington, and Brother John has just been tapped as President Biden’s next climate czar.

On the latest episode of the Drill Down podcast, Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers remind us who the Podestas are and what John’s inclusion in the Biden Administration means for climate and energy policy going forward.

John Podesta founded the Center for American Progress (CAP), which has long focused on green and environmental initiatives. Podesta has also had a long history working with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Tony has also dabbled in the energy sector as part of his extensive lobbying background.

But Podesta’s CAP has received significant flak around its comments praising Chinese efforts at combating climate change while criticizing Western efforts despite glaring inadequacies on China’s actual policies, such as continuing to build coal powerplants as Western states move towards cleaner fuels at increasing rates.

It remains unclear how John’s new position in the White House will shape policy, but Peter and Eric connect the dots of his past to paint a likely picture of Podesta’s future role.