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The Drill Down: John Podesta Joins Biden's Climate Team

Photo for: The Drill Down: John Podesta Joins Biden's Climate Team

The revolving door in Washington is full of recurring characters, and two of the most juiced-in are the Podesta brothers, John and Tony. Both have deep ties to the Democratic Party and progressive groups, such as the Center for American Progress.

On the latest episode of the Drill Down podcast, Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers place John’s new role as the Biden Administration’s climate czar into a broader context about Washington relationships.

Tony Podesta is one of the nation’s most well-connected lobbyists, advocating for a wide range of interests, including some controversial ones, such as the now-infamous Huawei tech company, once a target of the Trump Administration. Tony also has a track record of lobbying on behalf of sustainable energy firms.

This makes John’s appointment all the more fraught with potential conflicts of interest. But as Peter and Eric point out, that may not be a big concern for the Podesta brothers.