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The Art of Crappiness: Hunter Biden Says ‘F**K Em’ to Skeptics of His New Career

The First Son Has Eleven Paintings in the George Berges Gallery Priced 75K and Up

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Key Points

Hunter Biden has just two words for critics of his art career: ‘F–K em.’

Appearing on popular podcast Nota Bene: This Week in the Art World, Hunter was asked to respond to critics of his latest decision to sell amature paintings at exorbitant prices.

“You seem to have good spirits around the crazed narrative around your paintings. How do you—what’s the response to the people who are coming after the prices of the work, the collectors, what is your response to that?” Biden was asked.

“Other than f–k ’em?” he responded.

“Look man, I never set my prices  — what my art was going to cost, what it costs, or how much it would be priced at. I would be amazed you know if my art had sold at, um you know, for $10,” Biden added.

Biden also took a moment to address the ethical questions surrounding his adventures in art, specifically the tremendous amounts of money that will be exchanging hands with very little transparency.

“I have this whole, you know, arrangement where I will never know who will buy and all that kind of stuff,” Biden said before steering away from the topic.

Former Obama ethics chief Walter Shaub has been incredibly critical of the Biden White House on Twitter saying, “The idea [is] that even Hunter won’t know, but the WH has outsourced government ethics to a private art dealer. We’re supposed to trust a merchant in an industry that’s fertile ground for money laundering, as well as unknown buyers who could tell Hunter or WH officials? No thanks.”

Hunter Biden will appear at two gallery shows later this year, discrediting any pledges of anonymity.