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Teachers Unions Express Support for Democrat Wins in Midterms

Photo for: Teachers Unions Express Support for Democrat Wins in Midterms

The National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), America’s biggest teachers unions, expressed support via Twitter for Democrat wins in the midterm elections, according to Fox News.

NEA and AFT’s political backings and aims, even at the expense of their members’ interest, have become more evident during the midterms, and following a new GAI investigation.

As midterm wins were revealed, Randi Weingarten, president of AFT, praised voters for supporting “candidates who ‘stood up for democracy and against election deniers’.” Weingarten further mentioned that voters largely stood against “‘MAGA extremism and fear’,” when “‘democracy, freedom, public education, public safety and economic security’” were major issues this election.

The ATF president also hailed liberal governors with platforms highlighting public schools for supporting education. The American Federation of Teachers commended multiple Democratic candidates’ wins, such as Governor Kelly of Kansas, Pennsylvania Senator Fetterman, Governor Evers of Wisconsin, Governor Witmer of Michigan, and Governor Hochul of New York.

Weingarten personally expressed her favor for some of these candidates on Twitter, lauding their focus on education.

The NEA also showed their backing for Democratic candidates. NEA Education Votes, an NEA connected Twitter account, expressed their support for various Democrats, including Governor Kelly of Kansas, Governor Evers, Governor Mills of Maine, Senator Hassan of New Hampshire, and Governor-elects Shapiro, Healey, and Moore.

In addition, Becky Pringle, NEA president, tweeted her support, stating that “‘Students were the winners last night as pro-public school candidates won up and down the ball…Educators’ expertise in what students need was more persuasive to parents & communities than divisive, race-baiting rhetoric. From PA to MN to KS, champions for public schools won!’”

NEA President Pringle personally commended Evers. She also praised Fetterman’s win after spending Monday campaigning for the new U.S. senator.