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Teacher’s Pet: Biden White House and CDC Cave to Pressure from Teachers Unions.

Mask Guidelines Adjusted After Emails from The National Education Association.

Photo for: Teacher’s Pet: Biden White House and CDC Cave to Pressure from Teachers Unions.

Key Points

  • Teachers unions have been speaking with the CDC via the White House.
  • The National Education Association influenced CDC mask policy.
  • This isn’t the first time teachers unions have influenced health and safety protocols.

It took just 3 days and a few emails from the National Education Association to change the CDC’s official stance on masks, according to watchdog group Americans for Public Trust.

On May 13th, the CDC announced vaccinated Americans didn’t have to wear masks indoors or out. On May 14th, White House director of labor engagement Erika Dinkel-Smith received an email – more like a warning shot – from the NEA; they were readying the following statement:

“We appreciate the developing nature of the science and its implications for guidance, but releasing the guidance without accompanying school-related updates creates confusion and fuels the internal politicization of this basic health and safety issue,” the draft read. “CDC has consistently said, and studies support, that mitigation measures, including to protect the most vulnerable, remain necessary in schools and institutions of higher education – particularly because no elementary or middle school students, and few high school students, have been vaccinated.”

“This will also make it hard for school boards and leaders of institutions of higher education to do the right thing by maintaining mitigation measures,” it continued. “We need CDC clarification right away.”

Dinkel-Smith immediately connected NEA President Becky Pringle with the Director of the CDC Rochelle P. Walensky via CDC chief of staff Sherri Berger. According to Fox News, “less than 30 minutes later, Berger sent an update saying she had spoken with Pringle and Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers.”

The next day, May 15th, the CDC announced masks should be worn in schools – regardless of vaccination status.

Where are these teachers getting their information? Why are they influencing health and safety measures with the White House and CDC?

This isn’t the first time the teachers unions have thrown their weight around. The American Federation of Teachers influenced public health and safety back in February, when the CDC provided guidelines for school reopenings.

Meanwhile, a recent CDC study on COVID transmission found little scientific evidence to support mask mandates in schools.

[h/t Fox News]