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Shocker: If Dems Want More EVs, America Needs to Spend $35B on Charging Ports.

If Half U.S. Drivers Switch, We’d Need 30M Ports —That’s 478 Per Day Through 2030.

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Where is America on climate action? Let’s look at a few numbers…

Fewer Americans think their actions influence climate change than they did three years ago, a recent AP-NORC poll found; just 52%, down from 66% in 2019.

Two-thirds of Republicans say the federal government does not need to be involved in addressing climate change, according to a national NBC News poll.

Just 4.6% of Americans own an electric vehicle.

With that in mind, let’s look at the Democratic Party’s green energy push. Any Democrat will tell you the solution to pain at the pump is to buy an electric vehicle (average cost: $65,000).

During recent testimony before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on the transition to “domestic clean energy production,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg got into a few interesting EV details with GOP Reps Gimenez (FL) and Massie (KY).

Courtesy of Fox News:

“The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicles,” Buttigieg said.

“So you’re saying the more pain we have, the more benefit we’re gonna get?” Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., asked. “I think that’s what I heard you say.”

Buttigieg emphasized, “Of course – no, no, that’s what you heard me say. I know you want me to say it so bad but honestly, sir, what we’re saying is we could have no pain at all by making EVs cheaper for everyone.”

“It would take four times as much electricity to charge the average household’s cars as the average household uses on air conditioning,” Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., told Buttigieg at another point in the hearing. 

“So if we reach the goal by 2030 that Biden has, of a fifty percent adoption [of electric vehicles] instead of one hundred percent adoption, that means the average household would use twice as much electricity charging one of their cars as they would use for all of the air conditioning that they use for the entire year,” Massie said.

In other words, maybe Democrats aren’t thinking this through. 

In their $740 billion dollar Inflation Reduction Act package, Dems dedicated $369 billion to climate-related spending including clean energy tax investments, carbon capture investment, and a green bank that funds decarbonization projects.

What about the 30 million electric charging ports Americans would need to accommodate all these electric cars being forced on us by Secretary Buttiegie and his ilk?

“If half of all vehicles sold are zero-emission by 2030, the country would need 1.2 million public chargers and 28 million private chargers by that year – which a McKinsey report claims would cost more than $35 billion over eight years,” The Daily Mail reports.

“The country has over 128,000 public EV charging outlets and at least 4,500 private charging stations – in comparison with about 150,000 gas stations – and faces a daunting task in trying to build out for its needs.”

How daunting? “500 new charging stations a day through 2030” daunting.

A careful step towards green energy is wise —a shove, however, is ill-advised.

Not that anyone in the Democratic Party is listening.