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SCHWEIZER: 'The Bidens Have Globalized Corruption And Are Taking Money from Our Enemies'

'If Media Would Explore This, [Biden] Would Be Impeached or Shamed Out Of Office.'

President of the Government Accountability Institute and New York Times Bestselling author Peter Schweizer stopped by Fox News to discuss the latest developments on Hunter Biden’s story of corruption and, what Schweizer calls, “something even more sinister.”

Schweizer, Author of Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Winis the preeminent voice in the charge to take down Hunter Biden and expose his crooked dealings.

“This is a story of corruption, it’s also a story of compromise, which takes it out of the realm of not just corruption but something more sinister,” Schweizer says, adding “the Biden’s have globalized corruption. We’re not just talking about a politician who arranged a job for his nephew or  takes money for a contractor —that’s bad enough. We’re talking about taking money from those around the globe who view themselves as our enemies.”

“So he’s in business with a company and a country that’s directly threatening U.S. global supremacy, U.S. energy policy, U.S. job security —not to mention these guys are bringing fentanyl through Mexico and killing our people and this awful pandemic sprung out of that sketchy lab,” Watters opined.

Watch the clip above.